Exterior Fan Silencer
The Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS) shown open with a Remote Fan Unit placed inside.
The Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS) shown closed.
The Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS) shown open.
A WhisperRoom MDL 4848 S shown from the rear with an Exterior Fan Silencer attached to the ventilation system of the sound booth.

Exterior Fan Silencer

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You will need to purchase an EFS for every Vent Set configured on your WhisperRoom. For questions, contact a sales representative at 865-558-5364 or email us at info@whisperroom.com.

Note: The fan is sold separately

This option may be required when a more controlled sound environment is needed in the host room. 

Exterior ventilation fans have a 38dB noise rating. This slight noise can be eliminated by positioning each fan into an Exterior Fan Silencer (EFS). The number of EFS units needed depends on the size of the WhisperRoom™ and the number of ventilation systems required.